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The art of the other Brew: Brewing Tea

If you would have asked me a year ago if I would serve any type of food at August Muse I would have said a resounding no, but again a door has opened wide and we are enjoying the process.

The Tea Spot at August Muse is now open and the tea we have curated for our little space is amazing. Now I have a little secret to share. The Tea Spot was scheduled and advertised to open February 13, 2024 and by February 1, 2024 I honestly had not decided on the teas we wanted to serve and carry in store!

I just could not find the teas that resonated with our retail space as well as with our focus and dedication to local. I did not want to use a big tea reseller and wanted to find a really great fit for downtown Elizabethton.

In the final hours of my search, when I had just about resigned to serving grocery store tea brands until I could do more research, I found an actual local tea grower - well fairly local, within a two hour drive. Quickly, I drove out to visit and toured the location. Amazingly they were allowing for another retail store to purchase from them and after tasting their product I quickly made the decision, we were going to serve this tea from Table Rock Tea Company. Their teas have a wonderful aroma, a good mouthfeel that gives a complex flavor, and finally the finish was so satisfying and lingering, it was nothing short of amazing.

Now, this was an amazing opportunity and they had a wonderful variety of teas for us to carry, but what about herbal tisanes? I also wanted to carry the herbal beverages.

After some discussion we decided to carry Asheville Tea Company. They are a farm to cup company and purchase herbals from local herb growers and produces herbal blends great for sipping. The blends they carry are unique and fun, the flavors and aromas are very good and the herbal teas have nothing extra added, such as other flavorings, you are simply getting a wonderful taste of Appalachia.

If you want to experience what Appalachia has to offer for tea, come down to August Muse and experience it first hand. We will brew a cuppa hot tea or herbal tisane especially for you. Customers can also purchase a box or pouch of tea in bags to brew yourself at home.

Tea by the cup prepared or prepackaged ready for you to brew at home can be purchased during any regular store hours.

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