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Blue Ridge Mountain Mint Tea

Tea and Herbals have a deeper connection to our body and souls than simply sipping a warm beverage. Just like eating spinach or carrots are good for your overall health so are teas and herbals. They are a food product and food offers nutrition for ourselves.

At August Muse we carry Blue Ridge Mountain Mint from Asheville Tea Company. This tea carries a beautiful blue hue mixes peppermint, spearmint and mountain mint leaves for that perfect bright, minty and refreshing blend.

The secret behind the blue hue produced as the tea steeps and unfolds is the Butterfly Pea flower. I was not familiar with this ingredient and upon digging further found it is used in cosmetic products due to the positive influence its nutrition composition has on our skin, nails and hair. Drinking the herbal tisane also gives us this antioxidant boost.

Folklore tells us mint is good for the stomach and digestion. Mint is also used in chewing gum to help freshen our breath. So, the mint leaf may also hold some positive characteristics.

Herbal teas may have other benefits that are not as well researched as the nutrition benefits that regular food we eat have been researched. I suppose this is due to the focus of American nutrition on the direct influence of vitamins and minerals rather than antioxidants and other compounds that may not have as immediate or directly seen influence.

So, the next time you cozy up with a cup of tea, remember that its benefits extend far beyond just a soothing beverage. Whether it's a calming moment of relaxation or a boost of antioxidants, your tea is nurturing both your body and soul.

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