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May Art Sale and Silent Auction

All pieces by Patrice Heinz must go!

  • 20% off ALL reprints, either framed or unframed ending May 31

  • ALL Originals are being sold by Silent Auction ending May 31

Local Artist Patrice Heinz is leaving the United State and cannot take all her art with her! We are hosting her Art Sale in Store!

Come get your favorite piece before they are all gone.

A Personal Letter

From Patrice Heinz

The Cruise Ship, the Singer/Songwriter, and the Umpire

Last January, my husband and I took a cruise to the Caribbean–our first time ever. After all, I figured we’d been married almost 49 years and we’d never taken a real honeymoon trip…

Okay, so this was not just any Cruise. It was a Zach Williams for a whole week cruise. This was a Christian cruise…not a floating bar and casino. This was a dream Caribbean luxurious getaway to 4 islands. We had morning meetings with Ted Barrett, retired MLB umpire turned preacher leading devotions each morning, Zach's music team leading worship, and activities each day including island excursions. There were concerts and shows each night followed by a dress up dinner in the formal dining room and brisk walks on the wrap-around ship decks and ping pong games to end each unforgettable day. I was having the time of my life. It seemed like a dream and I never wanted to wake up.


After 2 amazingly restful days on the ship sunbathing on the top deck, meals with friends, concerts and more meals, we went on the first excursion called, “ The Mega Truck Adventure” on day 3. This was going to be great— back-road mountain climbing in an old military bus through rural Dominican Republic! Well, the adventure did not disappoint as we made our way through town and into the hill country where we made a few stops–a small family farm with a few cattle, a horse, and some dogs and all types of culinary and medicinal herbs growing out back– an outdoor girl’s dream.

Another stop was an elementary school. As we climbed down off the bus, we were greeted by several young students all in uniforms with hugs and smiles and “hellos”. They pulled us into their colorful classrooms to meet other students and teachers as they proudly showed us pictures they drew and projects they were working on. As we waved goodbye soon we were climbing back on board the bus with an English-speaking tour guide who wanted to be sure we all knew the history, geography, sociology and economy of the country. Little did I know what part this man would play as God’s plan for our future was revealed.

Many on the bus were surprised at the corrugated metal and cement block dwellings, and animals roaming out in the country, but I was no stranger to the third world setting. I had spent time in Peru and Nicaragua and was quite at home in this beautiful place.The people were genuinely friendly, smiling and waving as the bus zoomed through their neighborhoods. It was an unforgettable day flooding me with so many fond memories of similar places and experiences from days gone by. I was reminded of my deep longing to do mission work in a place like this, but life, school, jobs and kids made their way to front and center.


That night, Rick told me that while we were on the bus driving through the towns and villages of Puerta Plata on the Mega Bus, that God spoke to him and told him to come back to this place and plant churches. He said that everything we have ever done and all we have learned and experienced since we were children was in preparation for the work here. We were to leave our home, sell everything and come.

I was stunned. I asked Rick over and over how he knew for sure it was God, when we were supposed to do this, and if he was 100 % sure. I prayed and asked God for confirmation. I had to know for myself. The first week after we got home and back to work, God confirmed this calling in several ways– through passages in Scripture, people, and through ways that deep in your heart you just know. So we took another trip to DR in March and found the place where God first spoke to Rick about going. The leading was even more clear that we were in the right place, on the right track. We drove around the country and just knew that Puerto Plata was the place. So we came home and started preparation to go back. Our home is almost ready to put on the market, we are sorting and packing and planning our relocation. Many friends, family, pastors, and churches have asked how they can get on board and help support us in this. August Muse, a neighboring Downtown shop that offers piano lessons, all things music, art space and the coolest handmade arts and crafts gift shop and has opened it up in the month of May to hold a benefit art sale to help us with expenses. We are so blown away by the outpouring of love and support for us as we move forward into the exciting but a little scary unknown for the Kingdom and the glory of God. The GLOW Herb and Tea Shop will stay open until our home sells and we are ready to move. When we wait on God, He doesn't always provide dates, so I don't have a perfect time line for all this to happen. I'm praying about GLOW somehow remaining open in Downtown Elizabethton with an herbalist like me to continue providing products that so many people depend on. But we'll just have to wait and see what God does about this.  Meanwhile we will just keep moving forward until we leave. We will miss our family and friends so much. I can't imagine the pain and emptiness we’ll feel as the time approaches. I haven't allowed my heart to process that part yet but I pray I have the strength to do it when the time comes to board the plane. But, hey, we'll still have chat and messenger and Facebook, right! To some of you it will be like we're still here. And we'll keep the updates forthcoming. Thank you all for everything. We love you all so much.

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