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Student Juried
Art Exhibition

Call for Entries: Due February 28

Submit your application now to enter the 2024 Student Juried Art Exhibition with August Muse.

Deadline for submission of entries is February 28, 2024

August Muse invites all student artists to submit entries for the. This year's juror is Vicki Wood, local artist .

The Student Juried Exhibition will be held April 2024 at August Muse.  The call for submission is open to all students who have not graduated high school 18 years and younger. Works in 2D and 3D are accepted and there is no theme. The Juror's decision is final. There is a $50 Best of Show cash prize and several Honorable Mentions who will be showcased in store. Accepted students will be responsible for getting their pieces to and from the gallery for the Exhibition in April. 

The entry fee is $5 for each Artist. Artists must submit two entries (diptychs or triptychs are considered as one entry). 
Artist's notification will start on March 15, 2024.

flowers with bee

What will my art be judged on?

Since there is no theme, what is the juror looking for?

  • Shape - Is the shape interesting and does it flow.

  • Composition - Is there an interesting composition, how does your eye flow and move across the work.

  • Color - Does the color create harmony and how the color works together. 

  • Value - the degree of light and dark, contrast to make an interesting work.

Growing up in Utah I was always fascinated by the colors I would see in nature... How the moonlight would reflect off the new snow, the way autumn would come with such vibrant reds and oranges, the colors playing along the walls stemming from the prism sitting in a windowsill.

I was always drawing or coloring something. My first watercolor piece hung in Marion Hotel Salem Oregon when I was in 8th grade.

Then life happened and I put art on hold. I went back to college and received an Associate of Fine Art upper division levels. 

I have taught workshops, classes and individual lessons for 10 years in Texas in Watercolor, Drawing and Colored Pencil and feel my greatest achievement to date was having a Colored Pencil piece receive the McGivney Award in Galveston Tx and now is a part of the Rosenberg Library permanent collection.

Vicki Wood

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