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Tri-Cities Artist Meet up

The July 2023 TriCities Artist Meet-up will be hosted by August Muse and Made on Elk! Are you a creator? Come and join us Friday July 21, 6-8pm in store, 518 E Elk Ave, Elizabethton.

Monthly meet-ups are held around the TriCities area, including Johnson City, Bristol, and Kingsport. This is the first time Elizabethton will be represented. The meet-ups were started by Jocelyn Matthewes. The main goal is to create space for the community to connect and communicate.

My vision for the meetups are just to grease the wheels of creativity and flourishing in the creative community as a whole. -Jocelyn Matthewes

As a local creator you are invited to come and bring your business cards as well as a small piece to showcase during the meet-up. We will have space for showcasing but it will not be large. Attendees are encouraged to stay for the entire time, but we understand life can be busy, even if you can only make it for a short time you are invited.

During the event everyone will have time to mingle and get to know others in the local arts community. Come planning to share your experiences and stories as well as hear from others.

The Tri-Cities Meet-up is a chance for your to find like-minded souls and get support, advice and encouragement. You can sign up for the newsletter and follow the TriCities Meetup on facebook:

We hope you will leave this meet-up with more: more motivation, more inspiration, and more friendships.

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