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Upcoming Featured Artists 

August Muse features artists for monthly showings throughout the year. Area artists are invited to feature a series of original artwork and have space to share their creative energy. We look forward to sharing the works from our next featured artist soon.

Youth Art Series

March 18, 2023

One Day art show for the local students of Nicole Hymowitz 

March 21-25, 2023

Week long art show featuring local student: Sarah Gilford

March 28-April 1, 2023

Art Show by Carter County Drug Prevention Coalition, using the art and expression to develop positive relationships.

April 4-8, 2023

MASCAP Student Sarah Milam art show. Area program which mentors and trains young artists in acquiring the visual skills needed in communicating and exchanging ideas.  

April 11-15, 2023

Annual art show for the students of Elizabethton City Schools

April 22, 2023

One day art show for students of Nicole Hymowitz

April 25-29, 2023

Art show for the students of TEACH homschool community.

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New Artists

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